Hello, I'm Jill Gillen & I am a stay at home mom of two fantastic 12 yr old twin boys. 

I graduated with an Art Education degree from Oral Roberts University in 1996. After graduation, I was employed as an Art Educator at Jenks Public schools.  I taught both high school and elementary levels, with the emphasis of my teaching in the elementary grades.  I taught summer art programs and acted as the contact mentor for Oral Roberts art interns during my tenure. 


After I had my kids, I took some time off and later worked at Asbury and Lincoln Christian School but decided full time was taking too much away from my family. Even though I don't homeschool my own children, I have a love for home education and art.  With a little nudging from a friend I have decided to offer art classes to homeschooling families.  

My goal is to ignite a passion for creating art, develop artistic appreciation and to gain a knowledge of art media, art techniques and also a few tricks as well! I want your child to feel successful after completing a project and to be able to describe the techniques that they used &/or the artistic style that they have learned.



I am excited to go on this journey with you and help your children grow in the appreciation of art with successful hands-on training and create some awesome projects to take with them! 

My lessons follow the state curriculum recommendations and hit the required elements for art education.



Q: At what age can a child attend an art class?

A: Most of my group classes are designed for kids age 6 and up. I like to offer students the opportunity to hone skills and introduce them to concepts and techniques that this age group can grasp.


Q: What type of Art does HOMEGROWNARTSTAR instruct?

A: I specialize in fulfilling state art requirements that are expected for PASS graduation. 


Q: Where does HOMEGROWNARTSTAR conduct their classes?



Q: Does my child need to bring anything?  Supplies?

A: No, everything they will need will be provided.


Q: Other than group classes, what other programs do you offer?

A: I offer Private Lessons and Art Parties.  If you have a group of 12 or more that are interested in a particular topic, let me know and I can create a class.


Q: Do many boys attend your art classes?

A: LOTS! Many of my students are boys. They love making creative works and have just as many skills as the girls. Remember most of the famous artists are men!


Q: Do I have to Pre-Register?

A: Yes, my classes are small and I want to keep it that way.  I like to offer individual attention to each student so pre-registering is necessary.


Q: Do you give sibling discounts?

A: Unfortunately I do not. 


Q: Do I pay for the session upfront or at each class?

A:  The complete payment is taken at the first class.


Q: Do students complete complex art projects by the end of each class?

A: Most projects are completed that day.  Some projects will be a two-part project and may need a week to dry and then add extra elements. Occasionally a student will take longer or want to add touches to a project.  I always encourage personal completion at this age so a project may come home for a little extra love. 


Q: Can I bring my other children to your home and watch them while my student is having a lesson?

A:  TBA 


Q: How do I get on your mailing list?

A: I currently have a domain name but am working out all of the newness of this adventure, so give me some time on that.  I have a FaceBook page for HOMEGROWNARTSTAR





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